Shiranui Koemon was born onthisday March 3rd, 1825 A.D. and died February 24 1879 A.D. He was a sumo wrestler from Kikuchi, Kumamoto prefecture in Japan. He was the sports 11th Yokozuna.

Shiranui was well remembered as a local amateur at some tournaments at the early age of 16.He enter into Osaka at Autumn of 1846, His coach was Minato-Oyakata.

In the year 1847 he made his professional Osaka Sumo debut. From this his stable masters realized how much potential he actually had and in 1849 he was transfer to Sakaigwage stable in 1856.

Shiranui’s match debut was in november 1850 and he reached top level six years later in Makuuchi divison in 1856.

He was also promoted to ozeki in march 1861. When he was awarded his Yokozuna license in October 1863. Remembered by his technique rather than his strength which was feared especially his right-hand technique. Shiranui was an expert in leg grabs. He became a Yokozuna at the age of 38…