Roche Braziliano was born onthisday 27th February in 1630 A.D. and he disappeared in 1671 A.D. he was a Dutch Pirate and born in Groningen. Roche started his pirate career from a young age which lasted from 1654 A.D. until his disappearance from 1671 A.D. made famous by Alexandre Exquemenlin’s 1678 A.D. book known “The Buccaneers of America; Exquemelin”.

Roche was a cruel and notorious buccaneer who operated out of Port Royal Jamica. He led a mutiny and adopted the life of Buccaneer. He was a drunken and debauched man who is claimed to threaten anyone and everyone by shooting them if they didn’t drink with him. There was one such account where he would roast two Spanish farmer’s on a wooden spit roast if they didn’t hand over there pigs. There are even more questionable facts….. one includes that his Spanish prisoners were known for being barbarously and typically having their limbs cut off and roasting his prisoners alive.