Emperor Dezong of Tang was born May 27 742 A.D. and died onthisday February 25th 805 A.D. he was an Emperor during the Tang dynasty in China and the oldest son of Emperor Daizong. Dezong’s reign lasted for about 26 years and he was the third-longest ruler of the Tang Dynasty.

He started out as a frugal and diligent person with great intelligence he tried to reform the governmental finances that were introduced by new laws.

While attempting to destroy the powerful regional warlords the inability for planning and timing campaigns had caused many problems for him there were a number of rebellions which nearly destroyed him and the Tang dynasty.

These events which had taken place had made him more cautious in how he dealt with the regional government and the warlords. He was remembered for his paranoia of the officials holding too much power, but during the later part of his reign he didn’t grant much power to his advisor and chancellors.