Humphrey of Lancaster 1st Duke of Gloucester, 1st Earl of Pembroke born 2nd October 1390 A.D. and died onthisday 23rd February 1447 A.D. was an English nobleman.

He was the youngest son of Henry IV, his first wife Mary de Bohn, the brother of Henry V and uncle of Henry VI.

Humphrey was held in the highest regard as a Romantic chivalric persona. He was also thought to be of courageous and mettled person. He was another great example of an oxford student, since he was also diplomatic and politically cunning unlike his brother who was not brave but opinionated and judging. His own achievements were also exaggerated.

During the Campaigns in France with Henry V’s, Humphrey gain a great reputation as a successful commander. His knowledge of siege warfare, which he gained from his classical studies which helped towards the fall of Honfleur.