Ivan Alexander was an Emperor of Bulgaria from the 1331-1371 A.D. His birthday is unknown but we can trace his death to #onthisday in history 17th February 1371 A.D. during the Second Bulgarian Empire.

He had ruled for a long time, during this period when he was ruling it was a transitional period within medieval history.

Alexander started his rule, trying to deal with internal and external threats and problems from Bulgaria’s neighbours such as Byzantine Empire and Serbia. Alexander was leading his empire in a period of economic recovery and cultural, religious renaissances.

though Alexander was a capable Emperor he was unable to cope with the Ottoman forces as well as the Hungarian invasion from the northwestern front, at this time his Empire also faced the Black death.

Alexander fell ill and was not able to combat these problems. The empire was later divided between his two sons, with the imminent Ottoman threat the Empire was divided and weakened due to his choice.