Louis XV was born #onthisday 15th February 1710 A.D. and died 10th of May 1774 A.D. he was remembered as Louis ‘the believed’, he was a monarch from the house of Bourbon who ruled as king of France from 1st September 1715 A.D. until his death.

He gained the throne at the age of five from his great grand father Louis IV. It was only until his maturity from 1723 A.D. that he was able to rule as the king until this time France was ruled by Philippe D’Orleans, Duke of Orleans who was the Regent of France, he was his maternal great uncle. Cardinal Fluery who was his Chief Minster from 1726 A.D. until his death in 1743 A.D. at which this time the young king took sole control of his domain and kingdom.

During his reign he returned the Austrian Netherlands and the territory won at the battle of Fontenoy at 1745 A.D. Which he given back to Austria on the terms of Treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle of 1748 A.D.

He also ceded the New France in north America, to Spain, and ended the seven years war with Great Britain in 1763 A.D.