William Cullen was born on 15th April 1710 A.D. and died #onthisday 5th February 1790 A.D. he was a Scottish physician, agriculturalist and chemist, also becoming one of the most important professors at the Edinburgh medical school.

In his heyday he was the leading center of medical education of the English speaking known world.

William was an important figure during the Scottish enlightenment. His friend was David Hume physician and friend. Cullen was the president of the royal college of Physicians and surgeons of Glasgow of 1746-47 A.D. and Royal college of physicians of Edinburgh, 1773-75 A.D.

He became one of the first Physicians to the king of Scotland between 1773-1790 A.D. One of the prime forces behind, obtaining the royal charter for the Philosophical society of Edinburgh which lead to the formation of Royal society of Edinburgh in 1783 A.D.