Sir Edward Coke was born #Onthisday 1st February 1552 A.D. and died on 3rd September 1634 A.D. He was an English Barrister, Judge and even an opposition politician who was consider the greatest Jurist of the Elizabethan and Jacobeans era. He was born into a midde-class family and Coke was educated at the famous college, Trinity College, Cambridge he then left on a journey of study at an Inner Temple where he was called to do a Bar on 20th April 1578 A.D.

Edward, as a barrister took part in several notable cases one of which was the Slade Case this earned him political power and favour, and got him elected to Parliament. Coke also served as the first Solicitor General and then Speaker of the House of Commons.

He was remembered for the lead of a famous prosecution against Robert Devereux, Sir Walter Raleigh and the gun powder Plot Conspirators.