Prospero Alpini was born in 23rd November 1553 A.D. and died #Onthisday 6th February 1617 A.D. he was an Italian Botanist and Physicians from the Republic of Venice.

Alpini was born at Marostica which was a town near Vicenza in the early years of his career he was in the Milanese army in 1574 A.D. then went to study medicine at Padua.

After a while studying for his doctors degree in 1578 A.D. he had settled as a physician in Campo Sa Pietro. His interests were botanical and he also extended his knowledge of the exotic plants by travelling to Egypt in 1580 A.D. as a Phyisician to George Emo in the Venetian consul in Cario.

In Egypt he seemed to have deduced the doctrine of the sexual changes and differences of the plant, which was the foundation of Linnean taxonomy system.