The Californian Gold Rush took place between 1848-1855 A.D. which began #onthisday in history January 24th 1848 A.D. The gold was found by James W.Marshall at the Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, California. The first of which to confirm the gold rush were people in Oregon, Hawaii and Latin America which were the first to start rushing to the state at the end of 1848.AD.

The news of the gold rush, most probably estimates of 300,000 people to California and the rest from United States. Which half of the 300,000 arrived from over land and some by sea.

The gold seekers where also called “forty-niners” in 1849 A.D. The new arrivals attracted tens of thousands from Latin America and Europe and many parts of the world to journey for the gold rush craze. This was seen at the time to make fortune and wealth.