Saigo Takamori was born #onthisday January 23rd 1828 A.D. and died September 24th 1877 A.D. he was one of the most influential samurai in Japanese history who lived during the late Edo and Early Meiji periods. Saigo has been dubbed as the last true samurai.

Saigo served as a low ranking samurai in his early career. The saigo family status was a Jokashi which meant a full samurai, but lived as a Goshi a rural samurai so he was part warrior and part peasant.

He was recruited to travel to a place called Edo in 1854 A.D. to help the Daimyo of Satusuma. Saigo at first disagreed with the modernity of Japan and the opening of trade with the west.

But he was famously remembered to be against of the construction of a Reilly but he strongly insisted that money should be spent on modernisation of the military.

While he had taken command of the Satusma soldiers based in Kyoto he was able to form an alliance with the samurai at Aizu which was a rival domain of Choshu Domain which prevented the dominion of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. There was a rebellion which was suppressed by the central government, but with a mixed force of 300,00 samurai officers and soldiers under Kawamura Sumiyoshi.



During a battle Saigo was badly injuted in the hip. but the full extant of how his death came about was not known….