Simon de Monfort’s Parliament was a English Parliament which held Onthisday 20th January 1265 A.D. until mid march of the same year, which instigated by Simon de Montfort as a baronial rebel leader.

Simon was able to seized power in England following his great victory over Henry III at the Battle of Lewes which was during the second barons war. which put his grip on the country was under threat.

To attempt to gather more support and representatives not only from barons but the knights of the shires which had been in previous parliament.

This resulted in parliament in London which had discussed heavily about he radical changes an forms and the brief moment of stabilizing of Monfort’s political situation. Monfort was killed at the Battle of Evesham later in that year which the idea both inviting both knights and burgesses to the parliaments prove to became popular reign of henrys son edward I. During the 14th century this became a norm which the gathering eventually lead to be known as House of Commons. Monforts was referred as himself to be the founder of the commons.