after Unknown artist, woodcut, late 18th century

Thomas Venner died #onthisday 19th January 1661 A.D. he was a cooper and a rebel who became the last leader of the Fifth Monarchy. Thomas was unsuccessful in overthrowing Oliver Cromwell in 1657 A.D. however he led a coup in London to try and restored government of Charles II.

This event was remember as the ‘Venner Rising’ which lasted from 1st-4th January. Before the Royal authorities captured the rebels. The leadership of the rebels got execution on 19th January 1661.AD

Thomas moved to New England in 1637 A.D. and stayed there for 22 years until a plot against Cromwell. While he assumed the leadership of the Fifth Monarchist after the execution of General Harrison in Charing Cross in 1660 A.D. of 19th October.