Andre de Montbard was born on 5th November 1097 A.D. and died #onthisday 17th January 1156 A.D. he was the fifth Grand Master of the Knights Templar and he was one of the founders of the order.

The Montbard family came from Hochadel in Burgundy and Andre was the uncle of the St.Bernard of Clairvauc who was the half brother of Bernard’s mother Aleth de Montbard.

Andre entered the order in the year 1129 A.D. and went to Palestine where he quickly rose to the rank of seneschal, where he became deputy and second in command to the Grand Master.

After the vital siege of Ascalon on 22nd August 1153 A.D. Andre was also elected as Grand Master to replace the former master called Bernard de Tremelay who had been killed during the assault of the city on 16th August.