The Treaty of Yam-Zapolsky was signed #onthisday in 15th January 1582 A.D. between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Tsardom of Russia was one of the treaties which ended the Livonian War. This followed a successful Livonian Campaign of Stephen Bathory.

The treaty happened with the helping hand of the Papal legatus Antonio Possevine and signed for the Lithuanian Commonwealth by King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lituania Stefan Batory and for Russia it was by Tsar Ivan the Terrible which established a ten-year truce.

In the terms of the treaty, Russia abandoned the claims to Livonia and Polotsk but conceded no core of the Russian territories to Batory but they returned the territories that they were being occupied. The truce was extended for another 20 years until 1600 A.D.