Vratislaus II died #onthisday in history 14th January 1092 A.D. he was the son of Bretislaus I and of Judith of Schweinfurt. He was the first King of Bohemia from 15th June 1085 A.D. his royal title was a lifetime honorific from the Holy Roman Emperor from Henry IV. Henry did not establish a hereditary monarch.

Vratislaus had ruled Bohemia from 1061 A.D. as a Duke.

When his father died in 1055 A.D. Vratislaus became the Duke of Olomouc. Where his older brother became duke of Bohemia as Spytihnev II.

The Brothers fell out and his brother was exiled to Hungary. Through this Vratislaus was able to regain Ducal throne of Olomouc with the Hungarian help and eventually patched things up with his brother. When his brother died he became duke of Bohemia in 1061 A.D.