Thomas of Woodstock, 1st duke of Gloucester, 1st earl of Buckingham, 1st earl of Essex, was born #onthisday 7th January and died on 8/9 of September 1397 A.D. the fourteenth youngest child King Edward III of England and Philipa Hainault. Thomas was the fifth of the five sons of Edward III which survived until adulthood.

Whilst Thomas of Woodstock was in charge of a Large campaign as a commander in northern France that followed the Berton war of succession in 1343-64 A.D. There was earlier conflict from by John IV duke of Brittany to secure and control the Dutchy of Brittany against his contender Charles of Blois.

He was the leader of the Lords Appellants who were a group of powerful nobles that wanted to take the power of Thomas’ nephew who was King Richard II of England, this lead to a number of successful rebellions in 1388 A.D. which made the kings power weaker.

However Richard II was able to stop and dispose the Lord Appellant in 1397 A.D.and caught Thomas who was then imprisoned in Calais where he was tried for treason and convicted.