Amadeus VI was born #onthisday 4th January 1334 A.D. in Chambery and died on 27th February 1383 A.D. and nicknamed as the Green Count.

He was a Count of Savoy from 1343-83. Eldest son of Aymon, Count Savoy and Yolande Palaeologo of Montferrat. Amadeus started out under a regency, he was able show himself to be a great leader but a forceful one, who continuing led Savoy’s emergence to power in Europe through military and politically means. Amadeus participated in a crusade against the Turks who were advancing into Europe.

He initiated a small scale crusade with 1,700 men and 15 ships in 1366 A.D. against Murad I of the Ottoman empire, in aiding his cousin John V Palaiologos, the Byzantine emperor.