Sviatoslav II Iaroslavich was born in the year of 1027 A.D. and died #onthisday in history December 27th 1076 A.D. Kiev, he was the Grand Prince of Kiev between 1073-1076 A.D. The younger son of Grand Prince Yarsolav the Wise.

While ruling the Principality of Vladimir in Volhynia during his father’s life time. His father divided the Kievan Rus amongst his five sons.

The Principality of Chernigov to Svaitoslav, whilst joining his brother Iziaslav of Kiev and Vsevolod of Pereyaslav in forming the triumvirate which saw the Kievan Rus, until 1073 A.D.

Three of the brothers fought against their enemies such as the nomadic Oghuz Yurkish and their relatives Prince Vseslav of Polostk. The Cumans defeated their united forces in 1068 A.D.