Kara Mustafa Pasha was born in the year of 1634-35 and died on 25th December 1683.AD onthisday he was a Ottoman Military leader and a grand Vizer who one his lasting legacy within the ottoman empire that he attempted to expanded the empire in central and eastern Europe. Born to Albanian parents in Merzifon, Mustafa was education in the powerful household of Mehmed Koprulu and married into there family.

One of his lasting legacy was a finally attempt and conquest of Vienna in 1683.AD which was a campaign into Austria which was more thatn 150 years of war. In july his army of a 100,000 managed to besiged Vienna which was only guarded 10,000 Habsburg soldiers.

But by September he only able to taken portions of the walls but appeared victory was on the way.

The defeat of the ottoman army took place on 12 September 1683.AD under the Polish army King Jan Sobieski took advantage of the military company and disposition of the ottoman troops. The ottoman retreated into Hungary. With this defeated Mustafa was executed on this day in history by the strangulation with a silk cord only for the method of the high ranking person in the ottoman empire.