Selim the III was born onthisday 24th December 1761.AD and died in 28 July 1808. He was the son of Sultan Mustafa III and his wife Mihrisah Sultan. Selim was a reform-minded sultan and ruled the ottoman empire from 1789-1807.

Selim III had a talented and energy about him which the people was excited about because there was great hope on his rule and accession to the throne. He started numerous reforms such as domestic reforms to strengthen his government. Also he had created a new treasury system sent the young turks for further education in Europe. The first changes to the system was made in creating a naval engineering, military engineering , medical and military science colleges for further education.

There was many battles (Austria, Russia)took place and struggles that the ottoman sultan had during his rule even thought it was short rule. He had potential to see out many the reforms he put in place such as a new standing out of the outdated system dervershime.

Eventually the Janissaries was deposed and imprisoned by his cousin Mustafa on the throne (Mustafa IV). He was killed by a group of assassins after the Janissary Revolt.