Clothar I was born in the year of 497 A.D. and died on 29th November 561 A.D. King of the Franks and one of the four sons of Clovis I of the Merovingian dynasty.

His father had united Francia for the first time but when Clovis I died he divided the kingdom into four parts for his sons. At the age of 14 in 511 A.D. he inherited large chunks of the territories on the west coast of Francia which separated the lands of his brother Chariberts I kingdom of Paris. Clothar spent most of his career and life expanding his lands at the cost of his neighbours, encroaching on his brothers lands.

By the end of his life he was able to reunite Francia by outliving his brothers and gaining their territories, soon after they had died. Like his father before him the Frankish Kingdom was once again divided by the sons of his.