Sultan Cem was born on December 22nd 1459 A.D. #onthisday and died February 25th, 1495 A.D. He was also remembered as a Pretender to the Ottoman Throne during the 15th century.

Cem was the third Son of Sultan Mehmed II and the younger half-brother of Sultan Bayezid II, this made him the Half Uncle of Sultan Selim I of Ottoman Empire.Whilst Cem was defeated by Bayezid, he was exiled to Egypt and Europe which was under the protection of the Mameluke’s, Knights Hospitaller of St. John on the island of Rhodes and the pope.

When Mehmed the Conqueror died on may 3rd 1481 A.D. Cem ruled the Province of Karaman and Konya whilst Bayezid was the governor of Tokat, Sivas and Amasya. Since there was no direct heir a conflict broke between the Cem and Bayezid for the throne

Prince Bayezid was able to arrive at Constantinople and was crowned, Sultan Bayezid II on May 21st 1481 A.D. only six days later did Cem capture the city of Inegol with a force of 4,000. Bayezid sent his vizier known as Ayas to kill his brother. Cem defeated the army sent by Bayezid and declared himself Sultan of Anatolia. Later Bayezid refused to divide up the empire and marched on his brother Cem. Bayezid then marched on Bursa the final battle took place on June 19th 1481 A.D. near a town called Yeniseshir.