Minamoto no Yorinobu was born #onthisday in history December 21st 968 A.D. and died on June 1st, 1048 A.D. he was a Samurai Commander and a member of the powerful Minamoto Clan.

The son of Minamoto No Mitsunaka, who, alongside his brother Yormitsu Yorinobu were the regents of the Fujiwara Clan. Minamoto held the title which was left to him from his father, the title”Chinjufu-Shogun” which is meant the commander-in-chief of the Defense of the North. Alongside that he served as Governor of the Japanese Ise and Kai Provinces.

Yorinobu is particularly known for being the favourite Regent Fujiwara no Michinaga who was suppressed by a revolt of the Taira no Tadatsune.