Pope Clement III was elected #onthisday as pope 1187 A.D. 19th December. Pope Clement III was born 1130 A.D. and died on 20th March 1191 A.D.

He was Roman by Birth and Pope Alexander III appointed him as successor of Archepriest of the Patriarchal Liberian Basilica.

Whilst he became a pope through accession of the papal election in December 1187 A.D. Clement was in a conflict which excited a half century between the popes and the citizens of Rome. The agreements that was made so that the citizen was able to pick there magistrates and the nomination of the governor was left to the hands of the Pope.

On an important date, 31st May 1188 A.D. a treaty with the Romans ended the long-term problems which returned the papacy to Rome. Clement pushed for King Philip II of France and King Henry II of England to go and undertake the Third Crusade. In April 1189 A.D. He made peace with the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa.