Edith of Wessex-born on 1025 A.D. and died #onthisday, 18th December 1075 A.D. was the Queen of England. Her husband was Edward the Confessor, they married on 23rd January 1045 A.D.

But unlike most English queens, during the 10-11 centuries she was crowned. The most important source of material was by Vita Edwardi Regis.

Edith was the daughter of Godwin who was a powerful Earl in England. Whilst her mother was Gytha the sister of Ulf who was a Danish Earl and was Cnuth ‘the greats’ brother-in-law.

When she was the Kings wife, she was able to regal presentation. Edith commissioned many personal ornamental work and she at least had one goldsmith as a tenant. When she died the Domesday book shows that she was the richest women in England in the fourth-richest individual after the king.