William Longsword was born in 893 A,.D. and died #onthisday in history 17th December 942 A.D. William was the second Ruler of Normandy from 927 A.D. Until his assassination in 942 A.D.

He was remembered as the anachronistically dubbed “Duke of Normandy” whilst the title which didn’t really come into use of 11th century. Longsword was remembered at the time as count of Rouen.

William succeeded Rollo who carried on living for another 5 years in 927 A.D. in his early reign he faced a rebellion from the Normans who felt the Gallicised were too soft. Longsword won a decisive battle which had proven his authority as Duke.

On 17th December 942 A.D. at Picquigny on the island of the Somme William was ambushed and killed by followers of Arnulf who had a peace meeting to settle there differences.