Pepin II was also known as Pepin of Hestral, born in 635 A.D. and died #onthisday in history 16th December 714 A.D. who was a French statesman and a military leader, who became a de facto ruler of France and the mayor of the palace from 680 A.D. until his death. Pepin took the title of Duke and Prince of the Franks, upon the conquest of other Frankish Realms.

He was the son of a powerful Frankish statesman Ansegisel and Pepin also worked to establish the family as the strongest in Francia. Pepin expanded his power by having several wars. Under which he united all the Frankish realms of Conquest in Burgundy and Neustria in 687 A.D. The after effects of the wars led to Foreign conflicts which started to increase the power of the Franks while in Alemanni, Frisians and the Franconians.