Alp Arslan also meant Heroic Lion, born 20th January 1029 A.D. and died #onthisday in history 15th December 1072 A.D.

He was the second Sultan of the Seljuk Empire and Great-Grandson of the Seljuk who was the founder of the Dynasty.

His main strength lay in the military realm. His Domestic affairs were handled by his vizier known as Nizam al-Mulk who was the founder of many administrative policies that strengthened the sultanate during the rule of Alp and his sons.

Alp greatly expanded the Seljuk territory and also strength its power, by defeating his rivals in the South and Northwest. The Vital victory of Byzantine at Manzikert which pushed for Turkish settlement in Turkey, and for his military strength and fighting skill gained the the nick-name heroic lion. His legacy was seen in the pivotal role of winning the battle at Manzikert even though it was unintentionally taken over.