Pepin I of Aquitaine born in the year of 797 A.D. and died #onthisday in history 13th December 838 A.D. was the king of Aquitaine and the Duke of Maine.

Pepin was the second son of Emperor, Louis, the pious and his wife Ermengarde of Hesbaye. Their father allocated a kingdom for each of his sons, within his empire August 817 A.D. He received Aquitaine, Ermoldus was his court poet and joined him in a campaign to Brittany 824 A.D.

Pepin decided to rebel in 830 A.D. with the insistence of his brother Lothairs, adviser Wala. Pepin had taken charge of the army of Gascons and marched all the way to Paris and with the support of Neustrians. Louis marched to the campaign in Brittany and carried on to Compiegne where his son surrounded his forces and captured him. However the rebellion was eventually broken up.

While throughout the life of Pepin there was many rebellions. In the year 832 A.D. he rebelled again with his brother Louis the German who soon followed.