The birth of Ashikaga Yosihisa was #onthisday December 11th, 1465 A.D. and died April 26th 1489 A.D. he was the 9th Shogun of Ashikaga shogunate which reigned from 1473-1489 A.D. during an era known as Muromachi Period of Japan.

Ashikaga was the son of the 8th shogun at the time called Ashikaga Yoshimasa and his wife Hino Tomiko.

At the age of 30 Yoshimasa had no heir by the year of 1464 A.D. and he decided to adopt his younger brother called Ashikaga Yoshimi to succeed him. A year later Yoshihisa was born so this started a struggle and war between the brothers known as Onin war in 1467 A.D. In the middle of problems and hostilities Ashikaga retired….  in 1473 A.D.