Bem was born during Tarnow in Galicia which was an area of Poland and had become part of the Habsburg Monarchy through the partition of 1772 A.D. Ben joined military school until he finished during his time in school he taught himself mathematics, and at the age of 15 years old cadet the ducal forces.

Jozef Zachariasz bem was born on March 1794 A.D. and died #Onthisday in history December 10th 1850 A.D. in Aleppo. Bem was a Polish engineer. Bem Fought many wars outside of Polish boarders where his Military prowess and leadership may have been needed.

Bem had an active role during the November uprising for the Polish struggle of independence against Tsarist Russia. Bem joined the polish Insurgents and fought with them.

His final resting place was in Aleppo….