Ferdinand IV of Castile born #onthisday 6th December 1285 A.D. and died on 7th September 1312 A.D. he was the King of Castile 1295-1312 A.D. and kingdoms such as Galicia, Leon 1301-1312 A.D. He was the son of Sancho Bravo and his mother Maria de Molina.

Ferdinand was given the title of strange because some of tales and stories about him being a tyrannical as it depicted him putting his two brothers to death.

During the reign of the anarchy from 1296-1301 A.D. in the kingdom of Leon which had an independent ruler. Ferdinand owed his escape from the violence of nobles and competitors due to the ruler of Leon.

On January 23rd 1302 A.D. he married Constance who was the Daugther of Denis of Portugal.