emperor_taizu_of_later_liang_zhu_wenEmperor Taizu Later Liang (Zhu Wen) born #onthisday in history 5th December 852 A.D. anddied on July 18th 912 A.D. He was a military governor at the end of the Chinese Tang dynasty who previously served as a General under the rival Emperor Huang Chao of Qi. That overthrew the empire of Tang in 907 A.D. which was later established as the Later Liang. This brought in the era of the Five dynasties and Tang Kingdoms.

Zhu went on to conquer much of Central China but Shanxi, Shaanxi and Hebei was outside his reach, this were controlled by the enemy states such as Jin, Yan and Qi.

The later part of the campaigns against Shatuo-ruled the Jin state which was based in Shanxi but ended in failure.