The birth of Bayezid II was #onthisday in history 3rd December 1447 A.D. and died 26th may 1512 A.D. He was the eldest son of Mehmed II’s succesor who ruled as the Ottoman sultan from 1481-1518 A.D.

Bayezid II’s had a major concern with his brother Cem who also laid claims to the throne through the military back of the Mamluks in Egypt. But Bayezid defeated his brother’s armies and Cem sought protection from the Knights of St. John in Rhodes.

He is remembered for the consolidation of the Ottoman Empire and thwarted the Safavid rebellion but soon after this he gave up his throne to his son Selim I . Bayezid took in the Jews from Spain after the Proclamation of the Alhambra Decree who were resettled throughout the Ottoman Empire.