William Burges was Born #Onthisday in history 2nd December 1827 A.D. and died 20th April 1881 A.D. He was an English architect and designer. William was regarded as the greatest of the Victorian art-architects of the period, William thought and sought his work by escaping the industrialisation and the neoclassical architectural style which was reestablished during this same period. The idea of architectural and social importance of a Utopian medieval England. Williams ideas stand within the Gothic revival and his work made great noise for the pre-Raphaelites of the era of the Arts and Crafts movement.

What is so interesting about Burges’ career? His career was short and his first major work was commissioned by the Sain Fin Barre’s Cathedral in cork in 1863 A.D. at the age 35 so his career had started late. In 1881 A.D. at his home in Kingston he died at the age of 53 but his legacy was outstanding though short lived it had a long vision for the Building of churches, cathedral warehouse, and university even to the extent of castle.