Henry I was born in 1068 A.D. but died #onthisday in history 1st of December 1135 A.D. he was the King of England from 1100 A.D. until his death. Henry’s Lineage traces to the fourth son of William the Conqueror, he was educated in the liberal arts and Latin. On William’s death bed in 1087 A.D. the elder brothers Robert Curthouse and William Rufus inherited Normandy and England while Henry was left landless.  Whilst Henry purchased the county of Contenin in western Normandy gained from Robert, but in 1091 A.D. they had deposed William and in turn Robert deposed him.

Henry started to gain power in Cotentin and allied himself with William against Robert. When William had died in a hunting accident at 1100 A.D. Henry was present at the time, through this he seized and gained the throne of England. On his coronation day he promised to change Williams less political policies. In this bold move he married Matilda of Scotland, nevertheless he still had many mistresses and children…

In 1001 A.D. Robert decided to invade England who disputed Henry’s control over England, even though the military campaign ended with Henry as the confirmed king. The peace treaty was short lived as Henry invaded the Dutch of Normandy in 1105-1106 A.D. finally Robert was defeated at the Battle of Tinchebray after this he was kept as a prisoner for rest of his life.

Many thinkers and historians saw Henry as an effective but harsh ruler, with his pragmatic approach and manipulation of situation with the Barons of Normandy and England.