Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha-Alternburg was born #onthisday 30th November 1719 A.D. and died 8th February 1772 A.D. She was the Princess of Wales between 1736-1751 A.D. and the Dowager Princess of Wales thereafter. Augusta was one of the four princess of Wales who never became Queen Consort. Her eldest son succeeded as George III of United Kingdom in 1760 A.D. as her husband was Frederick Prince of Wales who had died previous 9 years earlier.

In the year of 1736 A.D. she married the 29 year old Fredrick, Prince of Wales, the eldest son of King George II of Great Britain and Queen Caroline.

Augusta of saxe-gotha Helleovoetsluis on 17th of April 1736 A.D. arrived at Greenwich. She was then welcomed by her groom. On 27th of April 1736 A.D. she was escorted to St James palace in London where she met the rest of the royal family and had their wedding ceremony at the royal chapel. A funny fact to mention, when she made a Funny but favourable impression in front of the King and Queen she threw herself on the floor for the idea of submission.