Roger de Mortimer, was the 3rd Baron Mortimer who was also the 1st Earl of March, born on 25th April 1287 A.D. and died #onthisday in history 29th November 1330 A.D.

He was an English nobleman and a powerful marcher lord who gained many lands and estates in the Welsh marches and Ireland, this was due to the fact of the vital marriage to the wealthy Joan de Geneville 2nd Baroness Geneville.

Roger in November 1316 A.D. was appointed as the lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Some while later he was imprisoned in the famous tower of London 1322 A.D. for leading the Marcher lords in a revolt against the English King Edward II which is remembered as the Dispenser war. Mortimer was able to escape to France where he was joined by Edwards queen consort Isabelle, who he took as his mistress.

The invasion from Roger and Isabella led to a successful, rebellion and invasion, in which Edward was deposed. Mortimer arranged for his murder at Berkley castle. For a brief while Mortimer was a de-facto ruler of England for three years. Then Edwards eldest son Edward III overthrew him. He was accused of Royal Power abuse and crime, then executed by hanging at Tyburn.