Shimazu Tadatsune was born #onthisday 27th November 1576 A.D. and died on April 7th 1638 A.D. he was of the Tozamo daimyo of Satsuma Tadatsune was the first to hold a formal fief “han” under the Tokugawa Shogunate. The first Japanese ruler of the Ryukyu Kingdom. He was lord of Satsuma and one of the most powerful lords at the time in japan and formally submitted to the Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1602 A.D.

His loyalty would be rewarded with the new name Matsudaira Lehisa, which was  a branch of the Tokugawa, this was regarded as a Great honour and his holdings in 1603 A.D. incresed to 605.000 Koku.

In the year of 1602 A.D. he became head of his clan, although his father held the real power until 1619 A.D.

In 1602 A.D. he became the head of his clan but his father held real power until 1619 A.D.