Isabella I was born on 22nd April 1451 A.D. and died #onthisday 26th November 1504 A.D. she was the Queen of Castile. In marrying Ferdinand II of Aragon. The marriage was based on a political unification of Spain which was under there Grandson Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.

Isabella had struggles to claim to the throne, even though she reorganised the governmental system, and brought down the crime rate to the lowest it had been for a while. Her brother left her a massive debt for her to sort out. She had made reforms with the support of Ferdinand II who had greater influences outside their united realms.

Ferdinand and Isabella are both known for completing the Reconquista which set the course for the conversion of the exiles of both Jewish and Muslims subjects in the Spanish inquisitions.

Finally they supported Christopher Columbus’ 1492 A.D. voyage and helped finance the trip, which lead to the new world, and established Spain as the first global power which dominated Europe and world for more than a century.