The Battle of Andrassos which was fought in the Autumn of 960 A.D. in a Mountain which is in Taurus Mountains between the Byzantines and was led by Leo Phokas the Younger, and the Hamadid Emirate of Aleppo under the Emir Sayf al-Dawla.

Whilst the Byzantine army was on campaign against the Emirate of Crete. The prince of Hamdanid took advantage and invaded Asia Minor at a fast pace. In the return of this, his army was ambushed and attacked by Leo Phokas on the pass of Andrassoss.

lastly because of this ambush Say-f al-Dawla barely escaped and his army was destroyed. After all these problems that happened there were many costly defeats in the years before, and this final battle broke the power base of Hamdanid emirate for good.