Madmud Ghazan was born #onthisday in history 5th November 1271 A.D. and died on 11th may 1304 A.D. he was the Seventh ruler of the Mongol empire, the Ilkhanate division from 1295-1304 A.D. Ghazan was the child of Arghun and Qutluq Khatun which had direct descendants of Ghenghis Khan.

He was seen as one of the most important Ilkhans during the political conversion to Islam in 1295 A.D. which he was best remembered from. This marked the Mongolian domination of the Western Asia.

During the Military the battle of the Ghazan’s reign which included a war with the Egyptian Mameluk’s for control of Syria other, battles with Turko-Mongol Chagati Khanate. Ghazan had important negotiations with diplomatic ties with Europe which formed Franco-Mongol Alliance.

He was a man of high culture.