Osman II was born onthisday in history November 3 1604.AD and died May 20 1622.D he was also known as Genc Osman, “Osman the Young”. Was the sultan of the Ottoman from 1618.AD until his death by regicide by 20 May 1622.AD. Osman was born  at the Topkapi Palace in Constantinople the son of Sultan Ahmed I and his first wife Mahfiruz Hatic Sultan.

According to history Osman mother paid a great deal of attention to Osman education which resulted him been a known poet and mastery of languages such as Persian, Arabic, Greek, Latin and Italian.

Upon his rule at at the age of 14 it was the Coup d’etat agasint his uncle who was Mustafa I because he was unstable mentally unstable. Even though Osman II at a young age asserted himself as a ruler by securing the eastern borders by signing a treaty of serav with the Safavid Persia. He lead personally the Ottoman Invasion of Poland during the Moldavian Magnate wars.

The problem and weakness from Which Osman II had suffered was the power base of the female in the harem.