Paul Pellisson was born #onthisday in history 30th October 1624 A.D. in Beziers and died 7th Febuary 1693 A.D. born into a distinguished Calvinist family. Paul studied law at Toulouse and also practiced the bar at Castres. Upon going to Paris with letters of introduction to Valentin Conrart who was ironically a fellow Calvinist (Academie francaise). Pellision went on a journey to be their historian and started to publish in 1653 A.D. with relation to continent l’histoire de l’Académie française. 

In the year of 1657 A.D. he became a secretary to the minster, Nicolas Fouquet and in 1661 Fouquet was arrested, his secretary was imprison in the Bastille.

When Paul was released from prison in 1666 A.D. he went to gain royal favour with this he became an official historian to King.