The medieval age was a perilous journey of living and there was a wide gap between the poor and the elite.

Central way of living and thinking was run by the wealthy, those with status and power which was the way of the feudal system this would been used for many generations in certain empires.


The Medieval era was an era of persecution and war which was divided by many factions including religion, politics and financed by the economical factors which decided who were the supreme. In the west we had the Frankish kingdom and the waver thing battles between the re-emergence of Europe. In the east we had the power of what was known as the Byzantine Empire. Many new empires were formed in the western Roman Empire and since the fall of the Western Roman Empire in which the Charlemagne kingdom rose. The unity of the Holy Roman Empire started to shape the kingdom.


The empires on the British isles were changed dramatically with the ascent of William the conqueror, this changed the course of history for the Anglo-Saxon era, ending, and the Norman conqueror, this changed the power between the houses of Europe. In Eastern Europe there was still relative unity within the Byzantine Empire.


But war was raging in the middle east at the time with the many crusades that took place, financed by the European elites.


The Eastern threat of the mongol empire, which swept throughout central Asia and northern central Europe of battles.The mongols which crushed the Russia. This was a time of wide spread battle and famine with the invasion of the Mongols came the “Bubonic Plague” and caused many deaths.


There were major events that took place in the medieval era such as the war of the roses, determined the change of events that was to happen in Britain and even throughout Christianity. The son of Henry VII would eventually change the course of history again during the reformation period Henry VIII spilt from the Catholic Church and became the head of state and church of England which was Protestantism. The formation of the church of England would seal the fate of 3 centuries of conflict until the bill of rights which was signed by William and Mary to end the feud, even though there was and are still problems even to this day with dis-unity still an issue. This would also link to the royalists and parliamentary feud, and the English revolution and, the civil war, so as you can see religious beliefs caused dis-unity, that would build up and unfold into mass conflicts all which stemmed from the idea of religion.