Ethelstan was born in 894 A.D. and died #onthisday in history 27th October 929 A.D.. He was the King of the Anglo-Saxons from 924-927 A.D. and the King of the English from 927-939 A.D. Ethelstan was the Son of the King Edward the Elder and His first wife Ecwynn.

Historians have suggested that he is the First king of England and one of the greatest Anglo-Saxon Kings, but he had never married and his half-brother Edmund was in line to the throne.

Edward died in the month of July 924 A.D. and Ethelsthan was accepted by the Mercians as King and his half-brother was recognised as King in Wessex Elfweard. His half brother died but Ethelstan still had resistance in Wessex for a several months but he was not crowned until September 925 A.D.

927 A.D. was an interesting year, he conquered the last remaining parts of the Viking kingdom, York which made him the First Anglo-Saxon ruler of the whole England. In the year of 934 A.D. he invaded Scotland and forced Constantine II to submit to him. Eshelstan was hated for his rule. In 937 A.D. the Battle of Brunanburgh which he won earned him great heroism and respect, both in British isles and Continent.