Giles De Montmorency-Laval was born September 1405 A.D. and died #onthisday in history 26th October 1440 A.D. he was a Baron de Rais as a knight and lord from Brittany, Poitou and Anjou. He was a leader in the French army and also comrade-in-arms to Joan of Arc. Giles was best known for his reputation as knight then later he was convicted and confessed to being a serial killer of children.

Giles served as a commander in the royal army and fought along side Joan of Arc against the English and their Burgundian alliances, during the hundred years war, for which he was appointed as a Marshal of France.


In 1434/1435, he retired from military life, depleted his wealth by staging an extravagant theatrical spectacle of his own composition, and was accused of dabbling in the occult.