The birth of Elizabeth of Luxembourg was #onthisday in history 7th October 1409 A.D. and died on 19th December 1442 A.D. she was the queen consort of Germany, Bohemia and Hungary.

Elizabeth was the only child of Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, King of Hungary and Bohemia. She had expectation of ascends her father throne along with her husband Albert of Austria. When her father died, the nobility ignored it, when Sigismund died in 1437 A.D. her husband was accepted as Monarch and she was seen as a mere consort.

When albert died in 1439 A.D. he left Elizabeth pregnant with the a dowager with two daughters of her, Elizabeth and Anne, this was seen as an Interregnum period, the King Vladisulaus III of Poland was crowned the new king

Queen Elizabeth delivered a son Ladislaus the Posthumous. This made her more determined on her son’s behalf to lead a civil war which was between her and Vladisulaus’ supporters. The conflict ended with the queens death at age 33.