Selim I was born onthisday in history 10 October 1465.AD and died on September 22, 1520.AD He the was a ottoman Sultan of the Ottoman empire from 1512.AD until 1520. Selim rule was short lived but his reign was marked by Enormous expansion. Which was in 1516-17 which conquered entire of Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt which included of Sham, Tihamah, Hejaz and Egypt its self. Furthermore he also conquered the holy cities of Mecca and Medina which strengthened and unified the claim of the Caliphate in the Muslim world to the ottoman Sultan.


A interesting fact to mention Selims expansions in the east had a change shift of expansion policy of the empire because the rulers before him had mostly been conquering Balkans and southern eastern Europe’s and Anatolia. On the eve of his death in 1520s the ottoman empire stand at  4,000,000 km and the empire which is 1,500,000 miles having in tripled in size during Selims Reign.

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